Richmond, Virginia

   January 9th 1866


Gen. R. E. Lee

My dear Sir;

From a letter received from Dr Dabney I learn that he would be greatly obliged & indebted to you, if you would take the trouble to make a memorandum of the errors you noticed in his narrative that he may correct them.  Of course, he would not expect you to supply any information or make any addition to what he has written, but it would be doing him a very great service if you would suggest such omissions or alterations as in your judgment would add to the historic correctness of his work.

I write late at night, having to leave Richmond in the morning, & beg you to accept the best wishes of                                                          Yours very truly


Mrs. T. J. Jackson


Notation on reverse in General Lee's handwriting:

9 Jan 66

Mrs T. J. Jackson

requests to suggest to Dr Dabny errors in

his manuscript of

Life of Jackson


Ansd 26 Jany