Chattanooga, Tennessee

Jany 9th 1866


Genl. Robt. E. Lee,

President Washington College,

Lexington Va,

Dear Sir,

My object in addressing you is to enquire, if a boy, fourteen years old, who is tolerably well advanced for one of that age would be admitted as a student in your College?

The boy whom I desire to send is my son and I wish to give him the advantages of a good Education; and,  should you receive him, I hope to let him remain under your direction until the same shall have been completed.

Hoping that you will honor me with an early reply, I am

Very Respectfully,

 Your Ob=t Serv=t.

  John L. Divine


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:



9 Jany >66

John L. Divine

Circular etc


Ansd 29 Jan