Greenfield Christian Cty, Ky.

Jany 9th 1866


Genl R E Lee

Lexington Va

Dr Sir - This will be handed you Lucius Peyton whom I wish to place under your guardian ship    His training for 3 years in the Army of Tenn, has no doubt rendered him tractable, his purpose is to take a full course & avail himself during vacation of Judge Brokenboro=s law class, he is now 20 years old & has no time to loose, I had requested Lucius to see what can be done for my namesake whom I propose to send to you in March & desire to be with or near Lucius, John was too young for the Army being now 16, but he took charge of my farm & proved himself untiring in energy & attention to his business, proving himself a man, he still growls that the fates decried & denied him the holy privilege of baring his young bosom in defense of his country, he desires to pursue a commercial life & therefore does not want a full course, any suggestions you may make in reference to locating John will be thankfully received

With Sentiments of the highest esteem

I am Yr. Obdt. Servt.

John R. Green



Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:



9 Jany 66

Jno: R. Green

in reference to his sons


Ansd 8 Feb