C. B. Richardson, Publisher & Bookseller,

No. 540 Broadway

                                                                        New York, 10 Apl 1866


My dear Sr,

                        Your kind favor of the 2nd is in hand-

            I am glad to hear of the safe arrival of the books for the library, and happy to know they will be of so much assistance to the Professors and students – It gives me real pleasure to be able to make this contribution –

            I will forward the balance of the list as soon as it can be secured -   It is my plan to carry out the offer I made a few weeks ago to give the library during the year $1000 – in books-

            Respecting my offer to give to give a portion of the profits that may accrue from the sale of your volume, I did not deign making my donation until it was actually realized, and to this I presume you will have no objection-   my offer is prompted simply by my interest in the College, and my desire to aid in restoring it to its former position -   I should  not be willing to do anything however in this matter, which would embarrass you in the least, but if I understand you right, your objection is only to my making any advances upon the sale of your volume-

            As soon as I receive all the family portraits for your father’s “Memoir,” I will put them into the engravers hands.

            The School Readers will be prepared with great care and thoroughness, and I regret you do not feel inclined to revise them-   If the name of any competent person occurs to you, I would be very much obliged if you would send it to me when you are writing.

                                                            Very truly yrs


                                                                        C. B. Richardson


Genl R. E. Lee