New Orleans Feb 10th 1866

Genl. R. E. lee

Presdt of Lexington Mil. Instit.


                                                                                              Being desirous of sending my nephew, Mr. Francis Dumarchait, to the Military Institute of Lexington, and knowing no agents for the same in this city, I would respectfully beg you to enclose a prospectus of the Academy directed to me.

        Having been educated at the University of Va, I have been taught to appreciate the superior advantages of it=s educational system, and as a matter of predeliction for the great and honored name which you bear, enshrined as it is in the hearts of every true Southren; I feel deeply desirous that my friends & relatives should be called to the blessings of that Institution where are taught those manly virtues, of which you fit the pattern & illustrious example.  Deem me not fulsome Genl - as an old soldier of yours and one whom an aged mother, as she sped me to the front, enjoined to love & reverence, I must speak as I feel - The young man, who will soon be one of your scholars , is tractable, anxious to learn & full of commendable ambition - The hope & stay of a widowed mother, I recommend him specially to your kind offices -

                             With renewed assurances of my highest regards & profound respect

                                                                     I remain respectfully

                                                                           Your obdt Servt

                                                                      Chas O. DeLahoussaye


New Orleans



Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

Louisiana 10 Feb 66

Chas: O. DeLahussaye

in reference to his




Ansd 19 Feb