Lexington VA: 10 Feby 1868


My dear Genl

My constant attendance in the Examination Hall for the past two weeks, have prevented my replying to your letter of the 22nd Ulto:  I was aware that your son was at the Institute, & have sent him several invitations to visit us; & although he has been at the house several times, I have not been so fortunate as to see him.  I learn however through my son Custis, who is one of the Profrs at the Institute, that he is well & doing well.. You must tell him to come & see me whenever it is convenient, & especially when I can be of any service to him.  Having some four hundred young friends at the College, claiming my attention keeps me fully occupied.

I am very glad to hear of you at a comfortable home, & hope that you are all well.  Remember me to your wife & all your family.  I am very sorry to say that my wife is still a great sufferer from rheumatism, & her pains have have been increased by the inclement weather of this winter.  My daughters Mary & Agnes are in Baltimore where they will remain until Spring.  Mildred is the only one with us.

With our united love to you & yours

I am most truly your Cousin   R E Lee

Genl R. L. Page


Note: The envelope address is as follows:

Genl Richard L. Page

P. O. Box 95 Norfolk