Near Cartersville

10 July 65


My dear Robt


I enclose a letter from Mr Spilman in reference to Romancoke.  The only way in which I know a little can be given to the place is a deed signed by me as Executor of your Grd Father=s will & yourself as Legatee.  But the estate is still encumbered by the conditions of the will.  As soon as the courts are in operation & I am restored to civil rights (if I shall be), I desire to settle up the Estate & deliver all the prop. to the owners - They can then dispose of it as they think proper.  I have informed Mr S. that his letter was referred to you.  (Page 2) We are all well & established in a comfortable but small house, in a grove of oaks, belonging to Mrs Thos Cocke - It contains four rooms, & there is a house in the yard, which when filled up will give us another - Only your Mother Agnes & Mildred are with me.  Custis who had a return of his attack of dysentery is at Mrs Cockes house, about 2 miles off & is convalescent I hope.  I have been no where as yet - The weather has been excessively hot but this time there is an agreeable change, with some rain.  The county here is poor but healthy & we are at a long distance from you all.  I can do nothing until I learn what decision in my case is made at Washington - All unite with me in much love-

Very truly your father


R E Lee