Mexico Mo June 10th/66


Genl Robert E. Lee

                                    Dear Sir- We have organized a branch of the “Southern Aid Society” in this place & being at a loss to know the surest means of sending our fund to the destitute widows & orphans of the South.  I have thought it best to ask some questions of you as one better able to give us the desired information than any one else – In the first place – what point in the South do you think a few thousand dollars will do the most good

2nd What would be the safest mechanism of sending it to such a point.  3rd By whom should it be sent- In this part of Mo we feel tenderly for the suffering ones in the South & are anxious to do all in our power for this relief – Hence any information you can give us with regard to this matter will be thankfully received – Our town is comparatively new  with a population of about two thousand nearly all poor people not able to do much in this matter – but all that we can possibly do will be done cheerfully – W have a few who are working nobly in this cause & with their aid we hope to be able to alleviate the wants of at least a few of Gods suffering children.

            I would be glad if you will reply to this immediately as I would like to make a report to that effect at our meeting on next Saturday-

                                                                                                Hoping to hear from you soon I am most Respectfully-


                                                                        Emma S. Ringo


                                                            Cor Sect L,S,A, S


Owing to inflammatory rheumatism in my hands have not been able to write with a pen for years – Hope you will therefore excuse pencil writing




            Direct your letter to Mrs. Emma S. Ringo

                                                                        Mexico Mo


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            10 June 1866

Mrs Emma S. Ringo

Cor. Secy Ladies S. Aid


            Inquires where a

few thousand dollars

would afford most

relief at the South,


23 June Ansd

Referred to Mrs

Benjm C. Howard, Baltimore

for Correct information