Gen R E Lee                                                                            La State Semy

                                    Gen                                                      March 10th /66


                                                                        Indeed I feel myself greatly honored that I have been chosen for a certain purpose which I take so great pride in attending to and which although finds me rather unqualified to be communicating with one of the first rank of the world but at the same time I hope that you will think nothing of my capacity in that respect on this present occasion.


            Allow me to inform you that you have been unanimously elected as an honorary member of a debating society which we have formed called after you, “The Lee Society” and let me still further assure you Gen that your name had not more than been presented to the society that it met with the affecting voice of all and now could I have had a thousand voices to have spoken they would have most assuredly been for you most noble man.

                                                                        C. Newton /Secretary


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            10 March ‘66

C. Newton

Notifies election as

honorary member

of the Society

La: State Seminary


Ansd: 21 Mar