Bladensfield near

                                                     Warsaw P. O. Va

                                                            May10th 1866

Genl. R. E. Lee

            Lexington Va.

                        My Dear Sir

                                                My daughter Mattie, in the past winter painted a picture of Stratford.  It has been photographed.  Two small editions have been issued.  Mattie has requested a friend to send you from Richmond a copy from each edition, which she desires you will accept from her as a small testimony, not only of her own appreciation of your virtues and services in behalf of our honored old State, and country, but of the feelings of regard and gratitude entertained and cherished by our entire household for the efforts and sacrifices you made to secure for us blessings which our common Father and dispenser of events saw fit to withhold.-

            The picture though humble may serve to recall youthful scenes and pleasures.

                                                                                    I am truly


                                                                                                Wm N. Ward


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            10 May ‘66

Miss Mattie Ward

sends copies of her

picture of Stratford


28 May Ansd