Lexington Va: 11 Dec 65


My dear Sir

I have received your letter of the 4th Isnt: & in compliance with your request, enclose a prospectus of the present studies etc, of Washington College, which I hope will furnish you with all the information you desire.  Students are admitted at any time during the session, provided they can keep pace with the classes to which they are arranged.

The next half session will commence on the 1st of Feb; from which period the tuition & other fees will be $50.

The Board of Trustees expect to enlarge the course of studies next year, by establishing five additional Professorships: three of applied sciences; one of Modern  Languages; & one of History & literature.  Should this be accomplished, the Course will be (greatly - struck out) improved, as well as (benefited - struck out) enlarged.

Very respy


R E Lee


Mr H. H. Gratz

Woodford (?) Co: Kinth_ (ASpring Station@)


On the reverse:

11 Decr >65

Copy of letter to

Mr H. H. Gratz