Near Ineracten Mills P. O.

The Mound. Harfor Cmo.

Janry 11th 1866



I have directed Messrs Kelly & Tait, Booksellers, of Baltimore, to forward you, for the use of Washington College . Singard's History of England in 13 volumes.  For many years, this work was neglected by the Protestant Literary World, owing to prejudice, the author Dr Singard being a distinguished Catholic Priest, it is now however acknowledged by the most intelligent, and best read scholars of our life, as a most accurate and important work, much more reliable than Hume, and others, who have written English history.  You will please hand the enclosed to the Librarian.  --?-- that you and yours may be fully compensated for the terrible --?--, and privations incurred in the discharge of the high and sacred tasks, of the position to which you were called is the sincere and heartfelt wish of                                                With great respect

Very truly   yr friend(?)

       John Carroll Walsh



Genl Robert E. Lee





Notation on reverse in General Lee's handwriting:

11 Jan 66

John Carroll Walsh

sends Singards

History of England


Ansd: 22 Jan 66