Alexandria. Va. June 11.1866

Genl Robert E. Lee.

                                                            Dear Sir.

                                                                                    In looking over one of the papers, I saw an advertisement of your school, and it struck me at the time that I would like to have a Circular.  You will oblige me very much indeed by forwarding one or two.

            General will you please be so kind as to let me know something about your son Robert, we were schoolmates together at Mr. R. J. Amblers and were intimate friends.  I have not seen him since I left    you will please let me have his direction and one more favor.  I have to ask of you and that is please to send me your Autograph which I will value very highly   enclosed you will find money for mailing the Circulars   I donít suppose it will take more than that.

With my best wishes for yourself and success of your school.  I remain General your Obdt Svít.  Lt Wm. F. Brookes


            Care John B. Dangerfield Esq


To. Genl Robert E. Lee


Lt. Wm F. Brookes



Notation on reverse in General Leeís handwriting:


            11 Jul 66

Wm F. Brookes



16 Jul - Sent