New York

                                                                                    June 11th: 66


Genl R. E. Lee

            Lexington, Va.


                        Dr Genl:

                                                I have a young brother who is desirous of entering Washington College and at his request would thank you for a catalogue with average expenses etc.   My address is Chicago, Ill: - My fathers family having moved there since the war, but I am rejoiced to say they allowed in no degree, the cold contact of Yankees to influence the warmth of their Southern blood or stop their prayers for your success in achieving Southern Independence.

I myself feel proud to say I was one of your Solidiers (sic) in the great struggle – being in Genl Breckinridge’s Division.  Amidst all the sorrows of defeat, we beg to thank a kind Providence which spares you in time of peace for our guidance, as well as for the brilliancy of your leadership in time of war.

With the favor of your personal reply, I beg to remain, With highest esteem


                                                            J. G. Hunter

                                                            P. O. Box 2836

                                                                        Chicago, Ill.



Notation of front in General Lee’s handwriting:

J. G. Hunter




            14 June