Clarksville, Tenn: April 12th/66



            I have a son now in his sixteenth year, & who at present in Canada, at school.  He was from his fourteenth year up to the close of the war, in the C. S. Army in which he had the good fortune to obtain the Rank of Lieutenant.  At the conclusion of the war I thought it best, to send him out of the U. States, for some short time I have now concluded, to recall him and send him to you, and write you to know if he can enter the College at Lexington.  He is pretty well advanced in Mathematics, & Latin, but has just begun to read Greek, Is quite deficient in his English – a deficiency however very common with our young men, particularly at this time, Please have me a catalogue sent  & such advice as you may think necessary

            I have the honor of a personal acquaintance with you, but was at the University of Va with Col Venable, who so greatly distinguished himself as a member of your staff, and to whom I refer you, as to Mr Alexander Holliday of Richmond Va with the feelings of the most profound respect & sincerest prayer for your health & happiness.  I have the honor to be very truly yours

                                                            W. A. Quarles


P. S. I propose to send two of my nephews along with my son –






Notation on reverse in general lee’s handwriting:


            12 Apl ‘66


W. A. Quarles


In reference to son


Ansd: 21 Apl