Bingham School

                                                                                                             Mebaneville, No. Ca.

                                                                                                                        June 12th1/66


Gen. R. E. Lee

                        Dear Sir:

                                                Please send me a catalogue containing a list of the students, terms, requisites for admission, etc. of the college over which  you preside.

There are several boys at this school who are prepared for college and who wish to attend  some other than our University which at this time does not enjoy an enviable reputation.

                                                                                    I remain

                                                                                                Honored Sir,

                                                                                                            Your Obdít Servít

                                                                                                                        R. T. Gray.


Notation on reverse in General Leeís handwriting:

N. C.

            12 June 1866

R. T. Gray





18 June - Sent