Masonís Depot, May 12th, 1866

Gen. Robert E. Lee,    

                                    Honor Sir,

                                                            You will do me great a great favor, by sending me a catalogue of the school, in which you are president, for I wish to go to college some where and do not know a place more calculated to suit the youth of the South, than the institution, in which General Lee presides.  If you have no catalogue please inform me, what are the regulations & terms, what studies will have to be pursued, and what is the highest standard of graduation.  By so doing you will make me very indebted to you.

            Sir, I am,


                                                            Will T. Somervell.



            My address is,

                                                William T. Somervell,

                                                            Masonís Depot

                                                                        Tipton Co.,



Notation on reverse in General Leeís handwriting:


            12 May Ď66

Wm. T. Somervell



25 May

            Circular Sent