Nanjemoy, Chas. Co. Md.

                                                                        July 13th 1866


Gen’l R. E. Lee

                        Dear Sir,

                                                Having  a son to educate, the time having arrived to send him from home to school, and particularly desiring that he shall be educated at a Southern Institution, I have taken the liberty of requesting you to send me a catalogue of the one over which you preside, “Washington College” Lex.ton Va.

            Your attention to the above will be greatly oblige, Sir,


                                                                                    Yours very Respectfully

                                                                                                Sam’l W. Adams

My address is –

Doncaster, Chas. Co. Md.


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:


            13 July 1866

Saml W. Adams




19 July - Sent