Louisville Female High School


                                    Louisville, Ky, June 13. 1866


            Gen. R. E. Lee,

                        Honored & Dear Sir:

                                    C. C. Spencer Esq,

Treasurer of Committee of Arrangements will in a day or two forward you a Draft for $162, as the net proceeds of our Concert for the benefit of the Societies of Washington College.  We are very sorry that the amount is so small; but so constant have been the demands upon the generosity of our people for our friends and their enterprises at the South, that, perhaps, it is as large as we could reasonably expect after paying heavy expenses.

            I hope to sell your autographs and send the proceeds – It was thought best not to sell them at the Concert.

            Anything, Sir, I can do for the promotion of interests of Washington College, will be most cheerfully done-

                                                            Most respectfully


                                                                                    Geo. A. Chase


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            13 June 1867 (Should be 1866)

Geo. A. Chase

Sends $162 for

the Literary Societies

of Washington College


Divided between

the Societies