Md. Agricultural College

                                                            March 13th



            Gen. R. E. Lee.

            Dr. Sir.

                                                It is very probable that the operations of our college            will be suspended on or about the twenty fifth (25th) of the present month.  And as I am anxious that I should loose no more time than I can avoid, I would like to know whether you will receive me for the remainder of the session, say from first or middle of April.  I am in my twenty second (22nd) year, and served nearly three years in the Confederate Army.  If it suits your convenience to reply before the 25th of this month, please direct to Md Agl College.  If after that time to Milestown St Mary’s Co Md.  I am very respectfully your obt Servt.. J. Marshall Dent.

Ps.  If convenient please send me a circular. Very respectfully etc

                                                                        J. M. Dent


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

Md: 13 March ‘66

            J. Marshall Dent



Ansd 17 March