C. B. Richardson, Publisher & Bookseller

No. 540 Broadway,

New York, Mch 13 1866


My dear Sr

            Your kind favor of the 28th of Feby came duly to hand, and would have been earlier answered, but for pressure of business and illness – I am very glad to receive the two lists of books you enclosed as I desire to give such as are most needed.  All that can be obtained here I will send in a few days and order the vol. from abroad.  If you desire a part of my donation in Math Instruments it will be satisfactory to me.

            It gives me pleasure to make a donation to the College, and my interest in that direction has been greatly increased by having the efforts now being made among the Southern people to endow that institution.  I feel a desire to express my sympathy in the movement, by contributing a portion of the profits from the sale of your own volume leaving its appropriation to your good judgment-

            I have succeeded in securing a copy of one document from those captured by the Gov’t and have a prospect of others.

            I enclose it, trusting it will be of real service to you.  It is the condensed monthly returns – I am glad officers are sending in their reports- The English law requires the author to reside a month ( I believe) in British Dominions during the preparation of the work in order to secure a copyright.  It will be for your interest pecunarily to comply with these requirements and that would be my advice if you feel able to spare the time.  If you conclude to do so, I shall be very happy to secure compatable quarters for you in any part of Canada you may suggest.  Msrs Vannerson & Jones photographers in Richmond have sent me the negatives and copies from your family portraits.  The latter I enclose and the former I have put into the hands of one of the best photographers here to make other copies.

             Shall I engrave any other family portrait than the one we have decided upon?

            Genl Warren sends you a copy of his defence

            How soon may I expect to receive your fathers work?  The summer months are always dull with our members and it would be a good time to stereotype it-

                                                            Very truly yrs


                                                                        C B Richardson


Genl R E Lee


Notation on first page in General Lee’s handwriting:

C. B. Richardson sends

Books for Library -Copy of Retiring

Army – Copies of family

portraits etc


Ansd 3 Apl