Washington College

              Lexington VA: 13 Oct 1866



Your letter of the 10th of May last was recd to day.  Washington College was on the distribution list of the Smithsonian Institution before the war, & recd I understand the Vols: issued up to 1859 -

These vols: were mutilated or destroyed at the time of the destruction of the library, but through the kindness of Mr. Rathmell Wilson of Phild, the first eleven Vols: issued by the Smithsonain Institution, have been recd & are now in the library-- The College will be glad to receive any recent publications, & those hereafter issued.  Their suitable & permanent preser- (page 2)vation may be relied on.  There are now 300 students at the College with a full corps of teachers-

Heavy packages had better be sent by the Alexd & Orange R. R. to Lynchburg, & thence by the Canal to Lexington.  Light packages, or single Vols, may be sent by R. R. To Staunton & thence to Lexington by stage.

Very respy

your obtservt


                                                                                        R E Lee


Profr Joseph Henry,

    Smithsonian Institution