Bill of shelving of Washington College Library


510 feet shelving dressed and Beaded and capped 10 in wide

110 feet uprights

56 feet corner & molding 4 in wide

56 feet Base on floor


                                                               I will do the work as above stated furnish all material and Board myself for 133.10

If all the material is furnished me I will do the work for 106.00

                                                            Respt  T. B. Heck


In General Lee’s handwriting:

I agree to do the above work, in good & workmanlike manner, of Seasoned inch timber, oak or poplar for one hundred & twenty dollars     T. B. Heck(Signature)

Witnessed R E Lee


On reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            14 Feb ’66

Proposal of T. B. Heck

To provide shelving

Library Wash College



        R E Lee