Dialectic Hall

                                                                        Madison College

                                                                        Sharon Miss

                                                                                    June 14th 66


            Permit me as Secretary to inform you that at a recent meeting of the Dialectic Debating Society your name was proposed for

            Honorary Membership

by myself and received

Relying upon your interest in every means that looks to moral & intellectual culture & trusting that you are not indifferent to the sentiment conveyed in Our Motto “Mec Socuum Summis Sadjungere Rebus”  we beg you to accept this token of our respect and confidence and solicit the pleasure of enrolling your name on the list of our Honorary Members.

In thus making known to you the wishes of the Society, I desire to add  those of my fellow members the individual solicitations of

                                                                                                Yr Friend & Obt Sevt

                                                                                                            A. H. Ware

To Gen R. E. Lee

Pres VMI Lexington


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            14 June 1866

Dialectic Society

Madison College

Sharon Misspi


Honorary Member


Ansd 22 June