Auburn Lincoln Co. Mo.


Gen Robert E. Lee

            Dear Sir,

                        I have been unable earlier to acknowledge the receipt of the prospectus sent several weeks ago.  I find my little boy is not competent to enter upon a collegiate course, and, but for my strong desire to have him under your charge, my judgment would never have him led so far astray as to believe he might be.

            My intention was to confine myself strictly to the business in hand; but the temptation is irresistible to say to you that, on my humble knees, I pray that God Almighty’s blessings may rest upon you and that, as you were to us, in the four years past, the Light and Hope, so His love, in a higher yet nearer sense, may be to you!

            Prayer, if earnest, cannot be emanating in Heaven and surely mine will have their answer there.

            At any rate, the knowledge that a stranger so fervently pleads for your happiness and prosperity through life, must be gratifying to yourself, dear General, and possibly may serve as the silver lining to some little cloud of care in the future.

            In this hope and with sincere respect,

                                                                        I remain

                                                                Lizzie C. Hull


Robert E. Lee

            Pres. Washington College

                        Lexington, Virginia


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

             14 May 1866

Mrs Lizzie C. Hull

            Kind sentiments