Jacksonville, Oregon, Jan, 15th 1866


Gen, R. E. Lee,

Respected sir, having learned that you design the publication of a book, to be written by yourself, in reference to the late war, etc.  I write you in order to procure if possible an agency for the same on this coast.  I am a traveling Methodist preacher, and belong to the Pacific Annual, Conference Church South, and would refer you to, O. P. Fitzgerald, Editor of the Christian Spectator San Francisco, Cal, Dr. O. Fisher P. E. Suisun, Cal, & Rev Dr. T. O. Ellis Union PO, Cal.

I have been in California since 1850 until last OCT, when the Conference sent me to Oregon

I am about worn out, am not able to do such hard work preaching as the Conference demands etc

Now, Gen my honest impression that I could sell twenty five thousand 25000, copies in Cal, Or, & Nevada,

Please inform me if I can get an agency, and if so on what terms

Your Obe, Servt


J. A. Burns

Jacksonville, Or


Gen R. E. Lee




Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

15 Jany >66

Revd J. A. Burns

wishes Agency to

Sell History of War


Ansd 6 Mar

no need of Agent