Red Sul Springs

                                                                                    June 15th 1866


Gen. R. E. Lee


                        I have determined to go to your School next sesion (sic) if every thing works as I expect, and therefore take this oportunity (sic) to enquire into your charges and time the school commences; you will please let me know at once what it will cost for a sesion(sic) of ten months, board and books included and whether there is conveyance from Salem to your place, and if so whether it is better than by Lynchburg.

            I have been a student of Emory and Henry College for the last five months and only change becaus(sic) I am partial to your School, if a letter from the faculty of Emory and Henry to show my standing at that School is necessary let me know.  In a word, I want to know every thing that will be of importance to me.


                                                                                    J. W. Dunlap



            J. W. Dunlap

                        Red Sul Springs

                                    Monroe County

                                                W. V.


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:


            15 June ‘66

J. W. Dunlap



21 June