Lebanon  Ky June 15. 1866


Gen. R. E. Lee

            Lexington Via

                                                            Dear Sir

                                                                                    Will you be so kind as to forward to me a prospectus of the coledge (sic) of which you are the President.  And if you have no Printed Prospectus will you be so kind as to inform me of the time your next Session commences. And when it will End. and what it will cost for Board and Tuition. and any other legitimate expenses for the Scolastic (sic) year. – The above information will place me and many others under many obligations to you. In addition to the great debt of Grattittude (sic) that we feel that we already owe you.

Accept my best wishes for you and believe me.  Your Sincere

                                                                        Friend E. A. Graves


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:


            15 June 1866

E. A. Graves



21 June