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                                                                        148 Asylum Street

                                                            Hartford, Conn., 15th March 1866


Gen’l R. E. lee

Lancaster Va.


                                                            As a considerable period has elapsed since our interview with you by our Mr Scranton, we take the liberty of addressing you again on the subject of your contemplated “History.”

            We are more strongly confirmed than ever, in our opinion that such a work is desirable and even demanded, and for reasons heretofore freely expressed.  We should be pleased to know how far you have progressed in its preparation and whether you are now prepared to negotiate for its publication; we should esteem it a favor to receive from you a proposition, giving us an idea of the terms upon which you would arrange with us.  We are prepared to make you an offer for the work far exceeding in amount what we have heretofore thought of – and would add that we shall soon be through with the works on our hands, and be at liberty to give our entire time attention and energies in securing a large sale of some new work.

            Our facilities for conducting the business are unsurpassed and we flatter ourselves we could give your work a circulation that will meet with your approval.

                                                            Very resp. yours

                                                                                                Scranton & Burr


Notation in reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:

            15 Mar ‘66

Messrs Scranton & Burr


In reference to History

of Campaigns etc


Ansd 22 Mar