Natchitoches, May 15, 1866


Gen. R. E. Lee

Washington College Va

                                                                        Sir:  I send my son, A. Howell Pierson, to your institution.  Although 18 years old, his opportunities for education have been small, owning to the late war depriving this section of schools and he being himself in the service.  His knowledge of the following branches is limited, grammar, rhetoric, geography.  I do not believe he can enter any other class than one in the preparatory department.  I wish him to study only Latin besides the ordinary English branches.  I particularly desire that his time be shall be fully employed and entirely devoted to his studies.

                        Not having any circular or other means of knowledge of your terms, I can only at present offer an advance on his years expenses of $200.  You will oblige me by sending me a circular or Catalogue

                                                            With sentiments of high respect

                                                                        I remain your servt

                                                                                    Aaron H. Pierson


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:     


            15 May 1866

Aaron H. Pierson


In reference to Son


27th June Ansd