Hedgeville, Berkley, Co. W. Va

                                                                        May 16th, 66


Gen. Robt. E. Lee

                        Dear Sir

                                                Having it in contemplation of entering College in September, and having as yet fixed upon no settled place, I would solicit a favor from you, if it is agreeable to receive another student, that you will please forward by mail the conditions of the institution now under your charge, and send me a circular or catalogue of the same; Hoping this may reach you, & awaiting a speedy reply I remain a true yet to you an unknown friend

                                                Very Respectfully Yours

                                                            Jno S. LaFever


Notation on reverse in General Leeís handwriting:

W. Va

                        16 May 66

Jno: S. LaFever



Ansd 19 May