17th April                                                          Collington P. O.

     1866                                                              Prince George’s  Co.



My dear General,

            A friend of mine has a ward of about sixteen years of age whom he desires to place at some good collegiate institute.

            His attention has been called to Lexington because of your Presidency.

            Will you be kind enough to send me for him one of your Prospectus, and if you have the time to write inform me whether you have a Law School connected with the College.

            If the terms are not published pleased state them.

            Alice and Annette, who is with us write in much love to you and yours.

            With many wishes for your health and happiness, my dear sir, Very Truly

and Respectfully


                                                            Odin Bovil


Notation reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:


            17 Apl ‘66

            Odin Bovil

In reference to College


Ansd: 21 Apl