Bishopville S. C.

                                                                        May 17th/66


Gen. Robt. E. Lee,

                        Dear Sir,

                                                Again I address you on business of the same import as I did some time ago.  I noticed a few days since in one of the Richmond papers; that a change had been made in some of the studies of Washington College.  Again therefore I trouble you, to send me some of your circulars.  I would be glad to get two or three of them, as I wish to give some of my friends one or two of them

            I hope this will give you no trouble Sir; and with my best wishes for you,

                                                                        I am

                                                                                    Your Obdt. Svt.

                                                                                                Wm A. Rogers


Direct to

            William A. Rogers


                                    Sumter Dist

                                                South Ca

Via Lynchburg

            S. C.


Notation on a third page in General Lee’s handwriting:

            S. C.

                        17 May ‘66

Wm A. Rogers



28 May,

 3 Circulars sent