Milledgeville Ga. April 18th 1866


Genl Robt. E. Lee.

                                    Dear Sir

                                                            Perhaps I ought to apologize for Taking up your valuable Time.

            You are regarded by our whole people as a father – Washington and Lee are equally beloved and venerated by us all.

            If I Trespass upon your patience, I trust you will forgive a mother – who is anxious to have her son well educated, and desires your advice on the subject.

            The principal point – just now is this, Shall he resume the study of Latin after neglecting it for five years?  He had rather not.  At fifteen he entered the army – Tho’ went to school during that time, nearly one year.  He will be twenty next summer and is now at a high school – studying English Grammar Rhetoric – Algebra – Geometry etc.

            We once thought of having him study Civil Engineering – He now designs entering commercial life – after completing his scholastic or collegiate courses.

            We wish him well prepared to enter upon any department of “Commercial Business.”

            Will you continue in charge of the College in Lexington?  Please send me a circular.

            We now think of sending our son to Lexington to remain until his education is completed.                                           With Profound Respect

                                                                        Mrs. S. P. Myrick



To Genl R. E. Lee

            Lexington Va


Notation on reverse in General Lee’s handwriting:


            18 Apl ‘66

Mrs. S. P. Myrick

In reference to her son


24 May

            Circular Sent


Ansd: 27 Apl ‘66