Near Cartersville 18 Aug 65


My dear brother Carter

I was exceedingly sorry on my return to learn that I had missed your visit.  I thought I informed you, that if Agnes was well enough I should go to Fluvanna, I regret very much that my visit there was inopportune.  Genl Cocke & his whole family was so very kind to Mary & the girls last summer that I desired to shew my appreciation of it.  I extended my ride as far as the Green Mt: neighborhood in Albemarle, which detained me two days longer, & I did not get back until the 16th, Thursday.

As regards the publication of the works proposed by Mr Richardson, he offered to pay me if I should prepare them, 10% per cent on the retail price of each work, he taking upon himself the whole expense.  He spoke of it as the usual price.  Of that I do not know, but all the profits on our fathers memoirs you can take.

I am fully alive to the propriety of making both works if possible a source of profit.  For I have to labour for my living & I am ashamed to do nothing that will give me an honest support.

Tell Miss Bitty I returned the photographs autographed.  I also enclose a button for her but did (page 2) not think she cared for such trifles.

I find Agnes much improved & hope progressing to full restoration.  All the rest of us are well.  Tell Robert I am very sorry not to have seen him.  I find such a multitude of letters awaiting my attention, that I cannot write mine at length.  All unite with me in fondest love to Sis Lucy & all the family.


I am most afft your brother


R E Lee


C. C. Lee Esqr