132 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Jan 18th 1866

General Robert E. Lee

President of Washington College

Lexington, Va


Dear Sir

While visiting General Sherman at his residence in St. Louis a few days ago, and getting the favorable impression of himself and wife in regard to my Oil Portraits of him - He suggested the propriety of adding to my Series of Oil Portraits, designed for the parlors of the Country - The Portrait of yourself and General Stonewall Jackson which I have about concluded to do, provided I can get copies to work from that are satisfactory to the families of both - Will you be kind enough to send me such a photograph of yourself, Card Size or larger if you can, with a full description of your complexion, being as particular as possible about the color of your eyes and hair, as well as flesh tone.  You will confer upon me a very great favor if you can procure for me a good copy of Genl Jackson with a similar description of his complexion.

We design to make them Match Portraits - and it is my purpose to have the South thoroughly canvassed for subscribers - My portraits are disposed of only by subscription - You can form some opinion of their merit by a perusal of the enclosed Testimonials -

Yours Respectfully

E. C. Middleton

     For E. C. Middleton by Co


Notation on reverse by in General Lee's handwriting:

18 Jan66

E. C. Middleton

in reference to portraits

of self & Genl Jackson


Ansd 13 Feb - that

I had no good photographs