Montgomery Ala

                                                                                                June 18th/66


Gen R. E. Lee

                        Dr. Sir.

                                    I am anxious to enter Washington College next October.  I write to ascertain if it is necessary for me to study Greek before doing so.  Having been in the Army for four years, I lost much time from school, and if Greek is not necessary, I would prefer devoting my time to some other study, as I have but a short period to prepare in.

            Will you send me a catalogue of your College, or a list of books used preparatory to entering it.  Hoping to hear soon.


                                                                        I am

                                                                        Your Most Obdít Servít

                                                                        Henry Crommelin


            Gen R. E. Lee,

            Presít Washington College




Notation on reverse in General Leeís handwriting:


            18 June 1866


Henry Crommelin



20 June