Real Estate and Collection Office

Samuel Burns & Co.


Dubuque, Iowa December 19th A. D. 1865


Gen=l Robert E. Lee

My dear General

In view of the fact that the history of your Campaigns written by yourself is about to be published, I am called upon by this firm Samuel Burns & Co to write you to have you secure to them the exclusive right to appoint Sub Agents for the Territory of Iowa Illinois Wisconsin and Missouri   They will give bond as promptly and thoroughly as may be required of them.  I can assure you that they will sell the work as rapidly and thoroughly as can be done in the States named by any persons or way   Gen=l I had the honor of belonging to the grand old A. N. Va commanded by yourself and hope that this may meet with your approbation    I constantly pray for the success and welfare of my Dear and beloved Leader and am now working for the purpose of aiding you in an humble way     Your work will sell rapidly I can assure and numbers are looking for the truth, they have been so  badly humbugged.  Direct your reply to J. L. Hempstead Dubuqe Iowa Care of Ex Gov S. Hempstead

I was a cadet at the V. M. I. And if you wish my credentials you can inquire

With profound Respect I remain yours


J. L. Hempstead


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

19 Dec >65

Saml Burns & Co

want exclusive right

to sell History of

Campaigns in Iowa

Wisconsin, Ill: & Mo