Louisville Female High School


                                    Louisville, Ky., March 19th 1866


                        Gen. R. E. Lee,

                                                            Dear Sir:

                                                                                    With the approval of the Rev. Mr. White, I have undertaken to arrange a musical and literary entertainment to be held in our largest hall – The Masonic Temple – during the second week in April, for the purpose of raising means to assist the students of Washington College in refurnishing their society halls.

            There will be no difficulty in enlisting the aid of the best talent in the city; and we hope to sell a thousand tickets at a dollar each.

            I enclose a notice which I inserted in my department of the Democrat.

            The object of this note is to suggest that, if the contemplated movement here could be made known to the students and an expression drawn from a Committee of the societies approving the efforts of our citizens in their behalf, and the same sent to me for publication, that it would be calculated to enlist still more earnestly the sympathies of the people toward the contemplated movement.

            It would be well if a brief history of the societies could be sent, which would, of course, include a statement of their losses by the war.   I would suggest, also, Sir, a letter from your self approving the humble efforts of our citizens in this direction.

            Permit me, also, to solicit twenty, at least, of your autographs to be sold for the same purpose, on the night of the entertainment; if you can spare or secure any of the lamented Jackson, or any other distinguished men of the South, they can be made profitable for the College.

                                                            Very respectfully, Yours

Box 960                                                           Geo. A. Chase


Notation on reverse in general lee’s handwriting:

19 March ‘66

Geo. A. Chase

In reference to aid

To Societies at

Washington College


Ansd: 27 Mar