University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill

January 20th/66


Genl R. E. Lee

President of Washington College

Lexington Virginia



We the undersigned a committee from the Philanthropic Society of the University of North Carolina have the honor to inform you that you have been selected as the first choice of the Society to deliver the next annual address before the two Literary Societies of the University at the Commencement in June next.

Let us add that your compliance with our request would gratify exceedingly all who belong to the University & all that large community in North Carolina by which the name of Genl Lee is held in so high esteem & affection on their behalf as well as our own we would express the earnest hope that you will not disappoint us in this expectation.

We have the honor to be General

With the highest Respect

Your most Obt Servts

A. H. Smith

  W. S. Guthrie

W H. Burgwyn

P. S.

Please send us a Catalogue

of your College



Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

20 Jany >66

Philanthropic Society

University of N. C.

extends invitation to

deliver address at Com-

mencement in June


Ansd 29 Jany