Richmond Jan=y 20



Gen Lee

Dear Sir,

When you were here last week, Mr Brown handed you a note from Mrs Jackson, with some manuscript - memoirs of the General.  Mr Brown did not understand there was any other requests than those contained in Mrs Jackson=s note to you.  But since then I have heard since from Dr. Dabney, & as you will see from the note enclosed, he needs them to be returned as soon as possible.   May I trouble you to send them to me by Express, payable here, & directed to Rev Mr Brown, At- Rev M. D. Hoge=s, Corner 5th & Main Sts. Richmond.  I find our new Express companies are so ignorant of our city that it requires very explicit directions to ensure safety.  We have heard from Mrs Jackson since she reached North Carolina, and we are glad she made the journey with entire comfort to herself & child.  She will be very grateful to you for your kindness in correcting the manuscript.

With great respect,

Mrs Wm Brown


Gen R. E. Lee


Notation on front left corner in General Lee >s handwriting:

Mrs Wm Brown

requests Dr Dabneys

manuscript at once


Ansd 25 Jany