Washington College, Lexington VA: 20 Jany 1870


Rt Revd & Dear Sir

The Literary Societies of Washington College sent to you an invitation to address them at the coming Commencement, in June next; and not having heard from you fear that their letter or your reply may have miscarried.  They have requested me to ask whether their invitation reached you, & in doing so I cannot refrain from impressing my earnest wish & the wish of the whole Faculty, that it may be convenient for you to grant the request of my young friends.  A visit from you will not only give pleasure to our community but I feel sure will be a benefit to the cause of religion as well as of education.  Between the two Institutions, Washington College & the VA: Mil: Institute, there are nearly seven hundred young men, at the most impressible age for good or evil.  Words of admonition from you I think would do great good.

Should you be able to visit us at the appointed time, I beg that you will come directly to my house on your arrival, & remain as long as convenient.  I will reserve (page 2) a room for you

With great respect your obtservt

R E Lee


Rt: Revd John Watrus Beckwith D. D.

Bishop of Georgia - Macon Ga: