Savannah Geo 21 Apl 1870


My dear Colonel

I am much obliged to you for your kind letter.  I recd a telegram from the Proprietor of the Galt House Louisville, which I answered, stating that it would be out of my power to return to that city.  I presume that will be sufficient, but should you think otherwise please give him my thanks etc - I wish the same information could reach the other places, as our kind of people seem to think that I am running loose or have a roving commission to traverse the country -

I feel benefited by my visit to the South; am stronger & have less rheumatic pains, though the pain in my chest is ever present when I make any exertion & I still have (page 2) a cough though it is not troublesome.

I suppose that I have derived all the advantages I can receive from my visit to Savannah, & shall therefore on Monday next, 25t Inst: commence my journey homewards - Should nothing prevent, I will stop at Charleston & other points for rest, & shall have to be some days in Richmond, as the Physicians there wish to rexamine &  consult over my case.  I will not therefore reach Lexington before the 10t or 15t of May, when I hope the cold weather will have left the mountains -

Please present my kindest regards to all the members of the Faculty & other friends - Asgnes jons me in remembrances to Mrs Johnston & your family & in best wishes for yourself

Tell Col: Allan I have recd (page 3) his letter but may not answer it till I return - I am glad to hear that all are doing well at the College - I hope that it may continue -

With great regard

very truly


R E Lee


Col: Wm Preston Johnston