Near Cartersville 21 Aug 65


My dear Butus

I only recd a few days ago your letter of the 12th.  I am very sorry to hear of your afflictions, but hope you have shaken off all them.  You must keep you eyes open you precious boy, & not run against noxious vines & fevers.  I just returned from a visit to Fluvanna.  I rode up the grey & extended my peregrination into Albemarle, but no further than the Green Mt: neighborhood.  I made short rides, stopping every inst with some friend & had a very pleasant time.  I commended you to all the young ladies on the couch (?), but did not know I was extolling beaus.  You must go up & see Miss Francis Gatt.  Tell Fitzhugh I wrote to him before I went away.  I am glad to hear that your corn is so fine, that you are making preparation to put in a good crop of wheat.  I wish I had a little farm somewhere to be at work too.  Custis is paying a visit to his friend Capt Nulting in Powhatan.  He came for him last Saturday & bore him off.  He has got quite well now & I hope will continue so.  Agnes is also again well though still feeble & thin.  Your Mother, Life & myself, as usdual.  We have not heard for some time from daughter.  A report has reached us (Page 2) of her being at Nat Burwells.  Miss Mary Cocke & her brother John paid us a short visit from Saturday to Monday, & several of our neighbors have been over to spend the day.  We have a quiet time which is delightful to me, but I fear not so exhilarating to the girls.  I missed Uncle Carters visit.  He & his Robert rode up on a pair of colts while I was in Fluvanna & spent several days.  I wish we nearer you boys.  I want to see you very much but do not know when that can be.  I hope Johnny is well.  I have heard nothing from his father since we parted in Richmond, but hear that Fitz has gone to see his mother.  All here send their best love to you & I pray that every happiness may attend you

Your devoted father


R E Lee


Robert E Lee