308, Upper Parliament Street


22d. December 1865.


Honoured Sir,

By the request of a member of my congregation (Prince=s Road United presbyterian) I beg to intimate that some considerable time ago a large and handsome edition of the English Bible suitably bound, was purchased as a gift intended for your acceptance as a slight token of the profound admiration cherished toward you as a noble Christian soldier and gentleman.

This Bible was procured as the result of the voluntary offerings of a few friends: and I take the liberty to trouble you with this note and to ask how what address (free of all charges to yourself) it can best be forwarded.

Trusting, Sir, that I will have the honour and pleasure of hearing from you


I rest

With much regard


Revd Alex: B. Grosart


Robert E. Lee


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

22 Dec >65

Revd Alexdr B. Grosart

presents a Bible

& asks how to

forward it


Ansd 18 Jany >66