Raleigh N. C.

Jany 22 1866

Gen R. E. Lee

Prest. Wash. Coll.

Dear Sir

I have a son 18 years of age, whom I intend to send to some institution of learning and my attention has been directed to that over which you preside.  My son=s education has been retarded by the war and his --?--, after attaining 17 years of age, with Military service.

May I trouble you to give me such information concerning Washington College, as will enable me to determine whether to send him to your care.  I especially wish to know to what extent the pupils are under your control and discipline - the qualifications necessary for admission - the course of study, and the annual expenses.  As a member of the Confed. Congress it was my pleasure to have some personal acquaintance with you and I have the highest opinion of an institution committed to your care and personal management.

I am most respectfully

Your Obt. Servt

W. N. H. Smith


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:

W. N. H. Smith

in reference to College


Ansd 27 Jany