Lexington VA: 24 Jan 66


Revd & dear Sir


The subject of your letter of the 4th Ulto: has not been lost sight of.  The Chair of Mental & Moral Philosophy in Washington College, will be filled at the general meeting of the Board of trustees, on the third Thursday in April next.  I have mentioned the claims of the Revd Joseph M. Atkinson of Raleigh, and of his brother, Pres: of Hampden Sydney, to members of the Board & Faculty, & am glad to find that they are both favorably known, & highly appreciated.  I consider it of the greatest importance that this chair should be properly filled.  The occupant should not only be a man of true piety, learning, & science; but should be so thoroughly imbued with the Heavenly principles of the blessed Gospel of Christ; as to make His Holy religion attractive to the young, to impress it upon their hearts, & to make them humble Christians.  He should not only be free from bigotry, but clear of Sectarianism, & not a participator in Controversy; having for his whole object the teaching of wisdom, & the conversion of (page 2) all the students from sin to the religion of Christ, of whatever sect or denomination.  I hope we shall be able to obtain such an one.

I was glad to hear that your dear family was improving in health.  Remember me most kindly to Mrs Gibson, Miss May & your sons,

We are only tolerably well, Mrs Lee is suffering more at this time than usual.  My sons still have returns of fever, & my daughters are not shiny.

I take great interest in the completion of your Church, & wish it was in my power to afford effective aid.  I enclose a small sum in furtherance of the object; which must not consider as the measure of my sympathy in your labours, but of my ability to assist.

I am with great regard

truly yours


R E Lee


Revd Churchill S Gibson


Note in left margin of page 2 reads: Genl Robert E. Lee

Jany 1866