Photostat of the original in the collection of Alexander William Armour, Princeton, N.J.


Lexington Va: 25 Nov 65


My dear Sir

Several young soldiers who are qualified & would have been willing to take Sandon Masons place in your family, have gone at other pursuits, & are now not available.  I do not know any one at present so well suited to your purpose, as Warrington Carter of Shirley.  He has become pious, & is very conscientious in the discharge of any duty.  He would take charge of your whole family, & do everything else he could.  He would not accept the position for the compensation, but merely for the good he might accomplish.  I do not know that he would leave his father.

Mr Philip Meade=s (near Millwood) (page 2 ) 3rd son, I have heard a good account of, but do not know.  Mr Robt N. Pendleton, son of Mr Hugh N. Pendleton of Jefferson, now at Washington College, endeavoring to obtain an education, & at the same time work for it, might be obtained after this Session.  At present he is too young, but seems to be a fine youth.  Col: Briscoe G. Baldwin Chief Ordnance Off Army N.VA: wanted such a position some time since but I believe is now with the Natnl Exps Co.  I wish I could help you.

Give much love to my dear Cousin Jane & your sweet daughters.  I fear I shall never see them again.  I have not yet been able to get my family to me.


May God bless you all.  Very truly


R E Lee


Mr Robt Beverly