Phil. Dec: 26. 1865


Gen. Robt. E. Lee



From a number of the General officers in the United States Army, I have been favored with sketches of their campaigns; not for publication, but merely to complete a private history of the late war.

Would it be too great an encroachment on your valuable time, to request a similar favor on your part.  I am well aware that there are momentous duties devolving upon you, which fully occupy your time, and for that reason, it is with great hesitation I make the request.  Hoping that you will excuse the liberty however, and with the assurance that it is intended for a strictly private purpose, I am

Your Obdt. Servant

Thos. J. Hunt

In care of Edw Shippen

S. E. Cor. 6th & Walnut,



Notation on reverse in General Lee= handwriting:

26 Decr-=65

Thos J. Hunt

requests sketches

of Campaigns



Ansd- 30 Decr