77 Chambers St New York

Jany 26th 1866


General R E Lee


A project is on foot for Engraving on steel the highest style of European Art at a gallery of portraits of the Generals  lately commanding the Armies of the Confederate States.  The design being to publish them by subscription in a no. of series - each series to contain five portraits - Printed on a Plate paper 19 X24.  Series no one it is proposed shall contain - Yourself - Stonewall Jackson - Beauregard & Wade Hampton if their photographs can be obtained to engrave them from.        I have taken the liberty of addressing you First - to solicit your approval of the above design - should that approval be given - May I ask you to furnish me with your Photograph (& Autograph) for the use of the Engraver.      I shall be glad to receive any suggestion from you as to the form in which they shall be engraved - Whether Oval- Square - or Vignette - or as to the names which should appear in the different series.  The present design is to make them half lengths with a wreath or design of some kind around yours so as to make it the central figure of the group.  The enterprise is altogether a European one & each series will take at least a year to engrave in the style it is proposed to do to them - I shall be pleased to furnish you with Artists proofs as fast as completed.  Trusting the work may receive your favorable notice, I am Yours Respectfully


J. H. Higginson


Notation on reverse in General Lee=s handwriting:


26 Jany >66

J. H. Higginson

want Photograph


Ansd 12 Feb